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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 500a  NBC  October 14, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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hand on that. also breaking another ebola death reported this morning. now the cdc is urging hospitals to prepare for the worst. new information on the ebola outbreak and how one local community is getting ready. and depending on where you live, get ready for some fog this morning. right now as we look from center city, we see some low-lying clouds, but others in the north and west of the city are seeing some fog that is getting thicker at this hour. keep that in mind as you head out the door. good morning, welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm chris cato. >> i'm tracy davidson. let's get an update with bill henley in the first alert weather center. bill? >> warm air pushing into the area with lots of moisture creating the fog this morning. not terribly thick but seeing areas north and west with some fog to start with and could get a bit thicker. clear view across center city and the view from the adventure aquarium and no fog there and just a little bit of low cloudiness overhead and it is dry. areas north and west, there it is. little bit of light fog right
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now. in reading, two-mile visibility there. not an issue for blue bell, and doylestown is fine and pocono mountains seeing the worst of it this morning and just gotten a bit better there from mt. pocono and now half a mile visibility and it was down to half a mile at northeast philadelphia at the airport and now five-mile visibility. the fog has already cleared out there. there's still a chance and temperatures cool and see more spots of fog pop up. 66 degrees right now and the temperatures will be popping up during the day and be in the low 70s and good-bye fog at 9:00 and lots of sunshine, breezy and 77 at lunchtime. neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when i come right back and first katy zachary is watching some of the fog on the traffic cameras this morning. >> start things off in new jersey where fog isn't an issue for drivers on the 42 freeway and this is the northbound side at creek road headed up to center city philadelphia. an active construction zone, but gnaw tying things up at this time. 78 at lehigh street moving up to the lehigh valley where we are
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seeing fog. damp roadways and we're seeing a lot of dense fog up in burkes county and in a few minutes, i'll have a camera from burkes county to show you. route 202 right at 76. this is in montgomery county where you can see the difference, no fog there and thed the roadways don't look really damp. an accident west main street at barbados street and also in hatboro. south penn street and the disabled vehicle is on a railroad track. so, it might be out there for a little bit. at two minutes after 5:00, nbc 10 is on the scene of breaking news in the tacony neighborhood of philadelphia. a house fire there. jesse gary just arrived on scene. jesse, what do you have? >> chris, three houses actually involved in this. the center one, the one that's on fire is where the fire started, but it spread to adjoining units here in the tacony section of philadelphia. we're told that everybody has made it out. we're not clear on injury, if
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there are any severe injuries, but i'm told by some of the residents, they all made it out. obviously, they're in tears and upset that their belongings are destroyed, but so far no reports of loss of life. we'll try to get more information for you and come back in a little bit. live in the tacony section of philadelphia, nbc news. following breaking news ebola outbreak. a u.n. worker who contracted the virus has now died. the victim was being treated in germany. he got the virus in west africa. doctors say he died despite intensive medical procedures. we'll monitor this story and bring you new information as soon as it becomes available. meantime, a nurse who contracted ebola in dallas is in stable condition this morning. she received a blood transfusion yesterday from dr. kent brantley. the cdc also says it would not be surprised if another worker at phan's hospital becomes ill because they become more
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contagious as the disease progresses. the threat of ebola to hospital workers has nurses in our area raising concerns. vai sikahema is here with a message from the pennsylvania nurse's union. >> the pennsylvania nurse's union is concerned that not every hospital is equipped or prepared to handle patients who may have ebola. union leaders are telling nbc 10 that thorough preparations have not been consistent across the board and that could put people at risk. >> i don't want to be alarmist, but i think we need to be sure that if these patients present to all of our hospitals, you know, across the state, that all of us are able to take care of them without injury or harm to anybody. to other patients, to other visitors and to ourselves for those of us who take care of patients. >> the nurse's union is demanding basic preparedness at all hospitals and also calling for single region-wide treatment center that would handle acute
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ebola patients. meantime, delaware county will hold the first meeting of its ebola and infectious disease task force. later today the task force will provide first responders and the public with important information about safe guards and protocols for the virus. county leaders and members of the task force will release more details today at 4:00 p.m. count on nbc 10, of course, to let you know what happens in that meeting. live in the digital operation center, i'm vai sikahema, nbc 10. >> you can count on for complete coverage of the ebola crisis. right now on our website, information about how the virus is spread. at five minutes after 5:00, here's what we're following new from overnight. a man in philadelphia died after being shot 30 times. 30 times. the man was sitting with a woman when two men approached and opened fire. the woman was hit in the ankle. she'll be okay. police say they don't yet know why the man was targeted. they're still looking for the
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shooters. and later today, we may learn if the man convicted of killing a baby and her grandmother will live or be put to death in prison. raghunandan yandamuri was found guilty. the penalty phase continues after yesterday's recess for the holiday. one final witness will be called and then the jury will deliberate. yandamuri wants the death penalty but his lawyers say their client really doesn't want to die. this philadelphia man sentenced for kills wife. you'll remember that police say that he strangled connie after a heated argument in northeast philadelphia. her body was found at penny pack park in august and she was reported missing by her husband. investigators say murray later confessed to killing her. police in ocean county looking for a hit and run driver who hit a person crossing a busy
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street. it happened in brick township. witnesses told police that a dark colored sedan drove away after hitting a person. the victim is in the hospital this morning and we do not know their condition. police in northeast philadelphia are trying to figure out why the owner of a barbershop was gunned down inside his business last night. the victim was found around 9:00 at caster's finest barbershop. the shooting happened after the shop was closed and no arrests have been made. 5:07 now. combatting crime. in response to concerns by neighbors, the police district in philadelphia have added officers to expand its coverage across several neighborhoods. take a look at this map here. city officials say the 15th district is the largest in philadelphia. it stretches from hunting park avenue north to ron street and then from the delaware river over to roosevelt boulevard. it includes the frankfurt, tacony and mayfair neighborhoods. much of that crime takes place
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in the southern half of the 15th district. but more than two dozen officers, most from a recently graduated cadet class. adding more officers there is making a difference. >> i've noticed that the calls for service people aren't waiting as long for the police to show up on assignment. normally in the past it would take us an hour or two to get to some of those locations and now within minutes. >> now, the department is trying to hire 400 officers for next year city wide and they're hoping that some of those will also be placed in the 15th district. this morning it appears the city of wilmington is getting ready to launch a homicide unit within the police department. this comes from an outcry from community groups in a reaction to a#! growing number of murder in wilmington. several detectives and a supervisor will make up that new unit. the trenton fire department is growing its ranks. the city will swear in 12 new firefightersét which means 244 w firefighters will be serving in the department.
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the city is promoting members of its emergency medical services, including its first african-american female captain. nine minutes after 5:00, this morning delaware county detectives are trying to determine if a fire that destroyed one home and damaged two others in clifton heights is the work of an arsonist. three people were hurt in that fire yesterday and look at this witnesses captured the flames from that home on the 200 block. the homeowner stepped out to run an errand and came back to find his house on fire. >> i would have been dead. the whole upstairs fell down. >> the homeowner says he believes the fire was set on purpose. the red cross is helping three people who were displaced by the fire. fire investigators in bucks county say the fire at a dance studio we brought you yesterday was intentionally set. nbc 10 first told you about this breaking news story yesterday morning. fire started around 4:30 in the morning in ben salem. also a home inside the building, no one was inside, but a
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firefighter suffered a minor injury. the investigation is under way. a mump warmer start this morning. the temperatures are up, in some areas, more than ten degrees which means we're in the 60s. we have to deal with fog. moisture north and west and we're seeing light fog. right now, no dense fog, but that could change as the temperatures are continuing to cool. we'll go the other direction this afternoon. summer-like heat. talking 80 degrees today and possibly again tomorrow and then things cool down. we're tracking strong storms that will be in the area later tomorrow. right now it's clouds over doylestown and 63 degrees and no rain for philadelphia. cloudy and 66. 66 degrees in cape may. look at the flag at the top of the aramark building. this is actually helping stop the fog from forming. thicker fog for it wasn't for that wind mixing up the
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atmosphere and not just light fog but hazeltown one-mile visibility and half a mile in mt. pocono an improved condition from earlier. for today, you'll feel the heat as the warm air pushes the temperatures into the upper 70s near 80 degrees this afternoon. that will do away with any fog and unlike yesterday, we'll see lots of sunshine. forecast calling for upper 70s for allentown, reading and quakertown and fog will disappear from trenton, northeast philadelphia and mt. holly up to 80 degrees today and with bright, sunny skies and a breezy afternoon. upper 70s for dover vineland and right in the middle 70s for atlantic city. upper 70s for westchester and 80 degrees for chester and philadelphia and vorhees with plenty of sunshine today. tracking the storms with the future weather and the seven-day, when i come back. 11 minutes after 5:00 and let's get a check of what happens wihen you hit the road.
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>> fog is the big story this morning, but for drivers in northeast philadelphia, i want to start out with an alert. there is a building fire as you saw jesse gary is at the scene and happening in northeast philadelphia. vista street and you're told to avoid that area. you can take frankfurt avenue as a way around that. it looks like they're going to be out there for quite some time. an accident on west main street has cleared in just the last few minutes and right now that fog is really an issue for drivers in lehigh valley and in burkes county and burkes county a live look, 78 right at route 737 where you can see where, we're starting to make out the vehicles, we couldn't see them earlier, but you do see the headlights and taillights. good news for drivers, but something you want to deal with. new collaboration today in the battle against isis. president obama will meet with defense chiefs from around the world as they formulate a plan for the next phase of the war on terror. we'll tell you what that could look like. an update for septa'
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regional. again, following the breaking news out of the tacony section of philadelphia. jesse gary is on the scene, as well. this is a fire. jesse is gathering new information, we'll check back with him after the break.
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5:15. several people had to flee their homes this morning when fire broke out in the tacony neighborhood of philadelphia. breaking news that we're on top of. jesse gary at the scene with new
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information for us. jesse? >> yeah, chris, last hour i mentioned about injuries. i learned that at least one firefighter has been injured. he was wheeled out on stretcher. trying to get that video back in so we can show you on air. the firefighters are now checking the neighborhood properties or row homes here on vista in the tacony section of philadelphia. a lot of the residents are out here on the street away from their homes and the only injury we've seen is one firefighter. one resident told me they heard screams, a fire and get out. that's how they got out. start would the most damages in that row home and then spread to neighboring units. so, firefighters are checking the neighboring units right now. another update coming up for you in about 15 minutes. live in the tacony section of philadelphia, jesse gary. 5:16 right now. the future of the campaign to defeat isis is the topping at andrews air force base. president obama will meet with 20 foreign defense chiefs to talk about the war on isis in
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syria and iraq. the u.s. assembled a coalition of nations to contribute air and ground forces to fight. general mark dempsey will host the meeting. 5:17 now. time is running out for people in new jersey who hope to exercise their voting rights as part of decision 2014. today is the deadline to register for the november general election. you have until tonight to do so at your county clerk's office and voters in new jersey have big divisions to make, including the u.s. senate race between cory booker and jeff bell. all 12 of the states congressional seats are up for grabs and two ballot questions this year, including one to overhaul the bell system and another to dedicate business tax revenue to open space. a push today for voters to say yes to question number two on the ballot and keep the garden in garden state, as they say. the question asks voters to dedicate existing state funds to protect clean water and ensure that future generations have access to parks, open space and farmland. today's event which features hay
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rides and pumpkin picking takes place at johnson's quarter farm in medford. reached a deal on the new contract. the retroactive five-year agreement provides an immediate $1,250 signing bonus and an 11.5% wage increase and an additional 3% next april. the engineers have not gotten a raise since their last contract expired, which was in 2010. the new pack still needs to be approved by the union and septa's board. not only fog on the roads, but now a fire to get around causing some street closures in part of philadelphia. >> katy zachary can get you around it. >> that's in northeast philadelphia. but we'll start off with the fog. a live look up in the lehigh valley. lehigh valley or berks county you're dealing with fog this morning. a live look at cedar crest boulevard where you can see, you can make out the vehicles out on the roadway and not too terrible, but to show you the difference between right in
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center city philadelphia and the fog doesn't seem to be neroli th nearly that much of an issue. on vista street i found an alternate take frankfurt avenue and crews on the scene are advising to avoid the area. the summit bridge, the right lane in both directions is blocked through the end of the month. a big warm up is under way and has already started. we are in the 60s right now. we're watching for fog, no fog here. this is the view of center city and no rain, but a few clouds overhead. 66 degrees. humidity at 90%. look at the temperatures, up 10 degrees compared to yesterday. the pocono mountains have been reporting some thick fog, this is the view from camelback and doesn't have the light on. not very foggy there. those areas that have a bit of fog will see it clear. low clouds right now, but those,
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too, will clear. the thicker clouds to the west that are moving in during the day tomorrow that will bring us cooler weather during the week and possibly some strong storms before that cooler weather moves in. youed and see the thunderstorms from kentucky to the south and lining up this morning. showers for us are in south central pennsylvania. in fact, we'll see sunshine and summer-like heat this afternoon after the fog clears we'll see sunny skies and a breezy day and upper 70s to near 80 degrees later today. and the chance we'll hit the 8 odegree mark again tomorrow. but storms will be moving in. we could see the first showers and thunderstorms pop up during the afternoon and evening hours on wednesday and continue into early thursday and then rain to start with thursday morning with breaks of sunshine late in the day and for friday and the weekend, but, looking for sunshine for saturday and sunday. 66 degrees sunday. and a bit chillier monday. sliding stocks after another rough day on wall street. what can we expect today? we'll check in with the experts
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at cnbc to see where the market roller coaster is heading now. and bear-b-q. how they're encouraging hunters to deal with with their growing bear population. what's possible today? wi-fi access in more places then ever before. all your favorites in the cloud and on every device. a home you control with the touch of a finger. news and entertainment that informs and delights in ways you never thought possible. comcast nbcuniversal bringing media and technology together for you.
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visibility is low, give yourself extra time before you hit the road this morning, especially north and west of philadelphia. meteorologist bill henley back with a chance to tell us when our best chance of rain will arrive next week. another big slide for stocks and jackie deangeles is here with that story in the cnbc business news. good morning, j jackie. >> that's right, a lot of action on wall street. watching the futures pointing to a higher open after stocks did fade on monday, falling for a third straight day. the nasdaq in near correction territory. a 10% drop from recent highs and investors continuing to worry about the slowing global economy and awaiting earnings frunl intel today. the dow falling 223 points. the nasdaq losing 62 and it's now at 4213. meantime, nearly 40% of americans say that equal pay is the top concern facing working women today. a new gallup poll says that
5:25 am
sentiment is shared by the same proportion of men and women. another top issue equal opportunity for advancement at work far surpassing treatment in the office or balancing parenthood with work. equal pay is resonating with voters, as well. becoming one of the top issues in the midterm election. guys, back to you. >> thank you. if you've got a pile of personal paperwork you need to get rid of, we have an event just for you. nbc 10 and telemundo 62 have teamed up for the great shredder event. partnering with allstate to shred all your documents to keep you safe from identity theft. bring up to five boxes and mark your calendars this saturday at the wells fargo center. it is rain or shine, but i think we're going to be just fine. we'll find out from bill henley. oh, yeah, those documents don't shred well in the rain.
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we'll keep it nice and dry and sunny for the entire weekend, how about that? for today, some areas of fog and some clouds overhead. we're getting a much warmer start. right now it is 65 degrees at 5:26. katty zachary has traffic. good morning, katy. >> live look up in the lehigh valley and 78 at route 100 where drivers are dealing with fog this morning. some construction on the roadways affecting everyone in our tri-state area. details when i return. several family husbaies hade their homes this morning. >> a fire in the tacony section. jesse gary is live on scene. jesse? >> the fire is out right now, they're searching for the cause as residents are thankful to be alive. you'll hear their comments after the break. continue to follow the casino crisis, what is happening today which could impact whether the taj mahal stays open or closes next month.
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and at l.l.bean, we take our job, very seriously. guaranteed quality, no matter what you're up against. from l.l.bean. our breaking news this morning, fire breaks out in a home in the tacony section of philadelphia. here is a live picture. fire is under control, but a firefighter was injured, taken from the scene on a stretcher. more breaking news, a u.n. worker is dead from ebola in germany. what one local community is
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doing to prepare for cases in this area. a warning as you head out the door this morning, we're tracking fog. it is exactly 5:30. good morning welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. meteorologist bill henley has a look at the fog situation. good morning, bill. >> we are seeing the warm air push in with lots of moisture and that's creating the fog this morning north and west. not terribly thick, but it is present. and it could get a bit thicker before the sun takes over and really warms things up during the day. that's a clear view across the delaware of center city. no fog there, but farther north and west, that's where we're seeing some of the gray stuff. six miles for allentown and holding half a mile now in mt. pocono where we started the day with quarter mile visibility. philadelphia international, northeast philadelphia no fog and no fog in delaware or south jersey.